Caring For Life California..What's it all about!

picture of staffGreetings, in the name of our dear Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I do hope that you will enjoy the Lord’s presence and know the comfort of His grace in the coming New Year.

For some years it has been a dream to start a Caring For Life ministry in the USA. In registering CFL USA with the IRS, we laid the foundation for such a ministry to be able to begin, and since then we have been increasingly challenged as to how and when such a ministry could commence.

From 14th through the 25th of November Peter Parkinson of Caring For Life in the UK, came to California to review CFL UK's involvement with CFL USA. Prior to the visit the outcome was a little uncertain, but as there were a number of remarkable experiences and providences, the Lord’s leading became clear and Peter along with others here in the US became fully convinced that we should not only be wholly committed to CFL USA, but that THIS is the right time for us move forward in faith and start a CFL ministry in the USA.

Given the hardships that many of us are facing just now, it may seem a strange time to launch this new and huge venture. But it is precisely because of the seriousness of these times, that this IS the time for us to take a huge step of faith. We are throwing ourselves on the mercy of God and on your sacrificial generosity and vision. Our hope is that you will share our vision, but not only that, but also that you will inspire others to do the same.

Please read the enclosed leaflet that explains the ethos and objectives of our new ministry in detail. We need you to help us begin, firstly in California, then to share the vision of expanding this work in the USA. Please pray that as we share Jesus’ love with some of those who have lost hope, the God of all hope will bless us beyond our wildest dreams in seeing His love melt the coldest and dissolve the hardest of hearts, rescuing those who Satan plans to have eternally imprisoned in his evil grasp.

Heading up this new ministry, with Mike Castle’s support, will be Jeremy Johnson, a deacon at Grace Providence Church and a man who for a long time has had great affection and enthusiasm for all of us at CFL UK. With him will be Elizabeth and Wendy, who will continue their work but now extend their ministry to the support of volunteers and those seeking our help.

We hope to open our CFL office on Monday January 5th, and then have 3 months for preparation of volunteers, staff and premises, which will conclude with the formal launch of our ministry on Easter Sunday 12th April 2009. Please pray for this team, and support this exciting new venture as generously as you are able.

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