hugGod is in Control

It is easy to become frustrated or discouraged when trying to raise funds for Christian ministry, especially when I discover that many Foundations, and now more and more people, are reticent to fund explicitly Christian work. I know that our friends in the UK have been facing this issue for some time, but I had hoped that we might experience greater sympathy to our explicit Christian convictions here in the USA.

It has been difficult not to become discouraged, and when I think about Just how much is out of my control (such as the economy) I feel totally overwhelmed. But then that is when the Lord comes in and reminds me that He is in control of everything, and that He will always take care of His people.

findWe recently received a grant from a Foundation that will only fund explicitly Christian organizations. One of the Foundation’s requirements was “that we share Jesus’ love with everyone we meet.” How exciting to see that, when our motto is “Sharing the Love of Jesus”! This reminded me that there are Christians all over the country who know the importance of Christ Jesus coming into people’s lives. We can dwell on things that may be out of our control, like the economy, politics, worrying news in the media, or we can focus on what IS in our control. The Lord has given hope to the hopeless and as Christians, we get to deliver the Good News!

My job as a fundraiser is not just to bring in money, but to help Caring For Life, USA share the message of God’s saving grace and love with everyone we possibly can.

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