Caring For Life USA Projects

We are currently in the process of developing a variety of projects that can be broken down into two categories, housing, and daytime therapeutic activities.

Housing Support: Assisting people in maintaining a residence and helping them to develop the basic life skills that many have never been taught such as cooking, cleaning, managing finances, and personal hygiene.

Supported Homes: It is our deepest hope and prayer to very soon be able to open our first supported home project where very damaged people can receive the 24 hr love and care they so desperately need.

Daytime Therapeutic Projects
To help develop and instill a sense of responsibiliy, and self respect a number of daytime therapeutic projects are currently under development. Each will help us to work alongside people helping them to learn new skills and express themselves in new ways. The projects being developed are:

Literacy and Math Tutoring
Teaching reading writing and math skills to people who have a learning difficulty or have just never had the opportunity to learn is invaluable in building confidence and self esteem.

By providing this skill that most of us take for granted, peoples lives can be transformed as they learn to not depend on others for literacy and math help.

Art Therapy
This project enables people to try their hand at a wide variety of art and craft skills and is deeply therapeutic.

Garden Project
By providing people with the concept of having to care for garden and plantlife is extremely therapeutic, but also opens up opportunities to talk about Gods wonderful creation. This project will help people to do just that whilst instilling a sense of responsibility and achievement .

For further information on any or all of these projects, please e-mail us at